The world in 1985 was quite different. In 1985 the world had 55 billionaires in the entire world with 13 residing in the USA. The USA National Debt was LESS than ONE (1) Trillion US Dollars and the “Middle Class” comprised nearly two thirds of the population. TODAY the USA National Debt is approaching THIRTY-FIVE Trillion US Dollars ($35,000,000,000,000). Nearly 3,000 billionaires exist in the world, with more than 800 located in the USA. And while a recently released study reports that more than SIXTY PERCENT (60%) of the population lives “paycheck to paycheck” and could not cover a $500 emergency, 400 individual human beings control nearly 25% of the USA’s wealth. That means that one-millionth of one percent (.00000001%) of the population effectively control the USA economy.

I don’t think that was the result predicted by the “Trickle Down Economic” theories supporting the 1986 Tax Act.

As I meet with citizens in the Fourth Congressional District of Nevada, I hear consistently from the younger generations “why would I vote, my vote doesn’t make any difference”. What I hear is that these prospective young voters are losing HOPE. They are NOT apathetic, rather they would dispute the concept of a government OF the people, FOR the people and BY the people. They experience a government dominated by a “wealthy elite”. They experience a media controlled by FOUR major entities, a food industry controlled by FIVE major entities, and so and so forth throughout the economy both in the USA and worldwide.

These oppressive facts have put a ceiling on our young people’s dreams. HOPE is a product of dreams. By shutting down the dreams of our young people, the country is taking HOPE away from integrity and fabric of our children.

How can we create dreams in the hearts and minds of our children? What has changed in our lives and in our communities that has created a barrier to the ability of our children to see a future they can live into?

The evidence indicates that the greatest deterrent to seeing a future of dreams confirmed is the lifestyle of parents. When 60% of the population struggles to make ends meet, children get the message that life is hopeless, that life is hard, that the future is not worth dreaming.

When such a small, elite portion of the population has enormous hoards of money (note that one billion dollars is equivalent to one thousand millionaires), dreams disappear. These hoards of money are coming directly from the pockets of what used to be the “Middle Class”. Note that one of the principal lenders to the Trillions owed in the National Debt is the Social Security Funds. In other words, the tax reductions have been funded by the borrowing from the retirement accounts of the former “Middle Class”. The annual “tax rate reductions” seem inappropriate when viewed in the context of an ever increasing National Debt and a constant redistribution of wealth to the detriment of the majority of families in America.

The evidence is overwhelming. A significant restructuring of the USA economy/financial structure is an absolute necessity! A recreation of the Middle Class is critical! Consider the impact of an increase of $500/month in the budgets of the average American family. The result would be life changing.

Can we make that kind of a redistribution of moneys? The answer is “YES”! Instead of an economy based on the “trickle down” of moneys from the wealthy elite, how about an economy based on a fair distribution of moneys. Instead of relying on the wealthy distributing from THEIR wealth, why not rely on the initial FAIR distribution of moneys to all.

Our country has always succeeded on the coattails of the “Middle Class”. When the distribution of wealth includes ALL of the people, the average family SHARES in the successes of the country and becomes active and participating in its growth. Bring back our DREAMS!! Let’s get the next generations back on board. Bring HOPE back to our families.