A Nation in Debt is a Nation at Risk

The United States’ financial security is at grave risk. An unprecedented budget deficit faces our nation. Without swift, fiscally responsible intervention, the future financial security of each resident of District 4 will be in jeopardy. Despite years of paying Social Security taxes in good faith that you would receive monthly income in retirement, some in Congress are calling for the termination of these critical services.

Tenured tax expert, and highly experienced accounting expert, Bruce Frazey has the hands-on experience to right America’s financial ship, thus saving Social Security, and securing a prosperous financial future for our nation.

Fiscal Responsibility: Addressing the Neglected Budget Deficit

The budget deficit puts critical services our citizens need in jeopardy. While there is plenty of blame to go around, Bruce Frazey knows that blaming others is not going to fix the serious financial crisis we are facing. As your representative for Nevada’s 4th District, Bruce will begin working immediately with members of both parties to prioritize responsible spending.

Using his decades of experience in tax law, accounting, and balancing budgets, Bruce will identify and legislate to slash frivolous spending, eliminate costly redundancies, increase efficiencies, and illuminate revenue-generating opportunities for residents of Nevada’s 4th District and nationwide.

Accountable Stewardship:  Protecting Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars

Residents of Nevada’s 4th District work hard for their money and deserve a representative who will demand responsibility and transparency in how their tax dollars are spent. Bruce Frazey brings decades of proven financial stewardship and responsible leadership, as an accountant, attorney, and business. As your elected representative, Bruce Frazey vows to ensure that future generations are not burdened by irresponsible financial decision-making today.

Safeguarding Social Security: Securing Critical Infrastructure and Services

The budget deficit poses a very real threat to the financial security of our district’s most vulnerable, including our elders. However, without an immediate course reversal of spending, critical services such as Social Security are at risk of becoming insolvent.

Bruce Frazey has spent his life helping businesses, associations, and organizations pull back from the brink of financial ruin by implementing responsible spending plans and balancing budgets. As your representative for Nevada’s 4th District, he will hit the ground running, identifying innovative solutions for savings, eliminating frivolous spending, and safeguarding our critical infrastructure and services.

Building a Sustainable District and Nation for Future Generations

Economic growth is necessary to reduce the budget deficit. Bruce Frazey will put his decades of experience as a job creator and financial expert to work for Nevada’s 4th District to remove obstacles to education and create job opportunities for residents. In doing so, Bruce will help to lay a strong, balanced, fiscally responsible foundation that will support a sustainable future.


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