Elevating Nevada’s Education: A Commitment to Our Children’s Future

Nevada is known as the Silver State, a place built on bright lights and big dreams. Yet, beyond the glittering neon-colored strip of downtown Las Vegas lies a harsh reality. A reality that, if left unaddressed, threatens to rob Nevada’s children of their own dreams. The statistics speak for themselves: Nevada ranks 49th in educational attainment, 42nd in school quality, 46th in the best school systems in America, 47th in numeracy rate and literacy rate, 49th in dropout rate, 48th in master’s degrees, and last in the share of doctorate degrees in the nation.

Investments in Education are an Investment in Nevada’s Future

Bruce Frazey understands that investments in education are investments in Nevada’s future. With a lifelong commitment to educating the next generation of American leaders, Bruce has shared his knowledge and insights as an adjunct professor at esteemed institutions such as the University of Kansas, University of Miami, Florida International University, and Florida Atlantic University. His dedication to students is as unwavering as his support for educators.

Forcing Nevada to Focus Our Educational Efforts at Home

Nevada’s education ranking is a matter of concern, and Bruce Frazey is determined to lead the change. As your elected advocate for District 4, he will push Nevada to prioritize its state budget towards students. It is imperative to acknowledge the state’s educational challenges and work towards crafting or supporting bipartisan legislation that benefits both students and educators.

As your congressional representative for the people of Nevada’s 4th District, Bruce Frazey will hold the federal government responsible for fair funding in education. To that end, he will work tirelessly to secure the federal funding that Nevada students need, and the salaries that our teachers deserve.

Bruce Frazey’s Financial Expertise is Key to Funding Education

Bruce Frazey brings a unique skill set to the table. With a law degree and a Master’s Degree in Accounting, he is a Certified Public Accountant with a proven ability to address financial challenges, and guide businesses and organizations towards fiscal responsibility. He will champion the students and educators of Nevada’s 4th District by focusing on balancing budgets, providing innovative solutions, and spending responsibly. His financial expertise will identify opportunities to deliver much-needed funding back to our educational institutions.

He will champion the students and educators of Nevada’s 4th District by focusing on balancing budgets, investing in innovative solutions, and slashing wasteful spending. As he has done throughout his career, he will leverage his financial expertise to identify opportunities to deliver much-needed funding back to our educational institutions.

Equality in Educational Opportunities for Nevada’s 4th District

Bruce Frazey is unwavering in his commitment to ensuring equal educational opportunities for all students in Nevada’s 4th District. Guided by his faith and Christian principles, he is dedicated to helping others succeed. Bruce’s own journey as an attorney, accountant, and business owner was made possible by his strong educational foundation. He considers it a blessing to pay forward his gratitude to the teachers who nurtured his dreams.

Solutions to Elevate Nevada’s Education System

  1. Enhanced Funding: Bruce Frazey will prioritize allocating a more significant portion of the state budget to education, ensuring that schools have the resources they need to excel.
  2. Teacher Support: Support for educators is key. Bruce will advocate for competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, and incentives to attract and retain talented teachers.
  3. Innovative Programs: Championing innovative educational programs, technology integration, and STEM initiatives to prepare students for the future job market.
  4. Parent and Community Involvement: Encourage active involvement of parents and the community in schools, fostering a collaborative environment for student success.
  5. Mentorship and Career Guidance: Introduce mentorship programs and career guidance to help students navigate their educational journeys effectively.
  6. Curriculum Enhancement: Advocate for curriculum improvements to align with current industry demands and job opportunities.

Bruce Frazey envisions a Nevada where every child has the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Through a combination of financial expertise, dedicated leadership, and a commitment to equal educational opportunities, he aims to elevate Nevada’s education system and secure a brighter future for our children. Together, we can make this vision a reality.

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