Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for Every Nevadan

At the heart of Nevada’s greatest strength lies its people, and Bruce Frazey is unwavering in his commitment to ensure that every resident of Nevada’s 4th District can afford quality healthcare, ensuring their well-being.

Equality through Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

Bruce Frazey believes in equal opportunities for all, including healthcare. His position is crystal clear: all Americans deserve healthcare that is both affordable and accessible.

Bruce Frazey strongly believes that every individual should have access to a basic healthcare package without relying on welfare assistance. He recognizes the importance of making healthcare accessible to all Nevadans, regardless of their economic circumstances.

As the representative for the 4th District of Nevada, Bruce is dedicated to preserving and strengthening Medicare, ensuring it remains intact and solvent. He will work closely with his fellow Congressional representatives to protect Medicare for our aging population now and for generations to come.

Responsible Spending for Affordable Healthcare

Drawing on his extensive financial expertise, Bruce Frazey knows that wasteful spending diverts funds that could be better used to support essential healthcare services. As your Congressman, he is committed to holding the federal government accountable by identifying and rectifying wasteful spending practices, ensuring that all constituents have access to affordable healthcare.

Medicare Protection for Seniors

With an aging population nationwide, Bruce is ready to stand up for the vital Medicare coverage that our seniors rely on. He will work tirelessly to ensure that Medicare remains available, stable, and secure for our elderly citizens.

Solutions for Addressing Healthcare Disparities in Nevada

Nevada faces pressing healthcare challenges. In 2021, 11.64% of Nevada’s residents lacked health insurance, and the state ranks 49th-highest in healthcare spending per person. Nevada also has the 7th-highest share of the uninsured population. To address these disparities, Bruce Frazey will prioritize:

Expanding Medicaid: Ensuring that low-income families with children have access to quality medical care.

Affordable Healthcare for Children: Extending healthcare benefits to uninsured children from low-income families.

Reducing Healthcare Costs: Implementing measures to reduce healthcare expenses, making it more affordable for every resident.

Bruce Frazey envisions a Nevada where healthcare is not a privilege but a fundamental right. His commitment to affordable and accessible healthcare is unwavering, and he will tirelessly work to make this vision a reality for every Nevadan.

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