Bruce Frazey Will Put Our Fiscal House in Order

Bruce Frazey isn’t just talking about the need to balance budgets; he’s lived it. With his background as a Certified Public Accountant and former attorney specializing in Federal Tax Law, he’s provided fiscal consulting to numerous businesses and crafted budgets for his own business ventures. Now, he’s ready to use this extensive experience to help America tackle a record-setting budget deficit. As a fiscal conservative, Bruce has the insight, expertise, and hands-on experience to start reducing our deficit from day one.

With a discerning eye for identifying frivolous spending, accounting errors, and misplaced funds, Bruce will utilize his decades of experience in careful spending, precise forecasting, and sound financial management to steer Nevada’s 4th District and the nation toward fiscal stability. Just as he’s done with countless businesses, he’ll leverage these skills to cut wasteful spending and foster efficiency.

Your Voice, Your Dollars: Ensuring Transparency in Budget Decisions

Residents of Nevada’s 4th District work hard for their money and deserve a representative who will demand responsibility and transparency in how their tax dollars are spent. Bruce Frazey brings decades of proven financial stewardship and responsible leadership as an accountant, attorney, and business owner. As your elected representative, he vows to ensure that future generations are not burdened by irresponsible financial decision-making today.

The budget deficit puts critical services for our citizens at risk. Blaming others won’t fix the financial crisis we face. As your representative for Nevada’s 4th District, Bruce will work immediately with members of both parties to prioritize responsible spending.

Drawing on his decades of experience in tax law, accounting, and budget balancing, Bruce will identify and legislate to cut frivolous spending, eliminate costly redundancies, enhance efficiency, and discover revenue-generating opportunities for Nevada’s 4th District and the nation.

Responsible Spending for a Secure Future

Bruce has a keen eye for identifying frivolous spending, accounting errors, and “missing money.” Drawing from decades of experience in conscientious spending, accurate forecasting, and sensible financial management, Bruce Frazey has helped businesses across myriad industries to move out of the red and into the black to become prosperous. He’s now ready to put the same proven measures into place to put Nevada’s 4th District, and the nation on a sound financial footing.

Spurring Economic Growth in Nevada’s 4th District

Bruce Frazey’s career has been about job creation rather than politics. He recognizes that job creation is pivotal for economic growth, not only for the nation but specifically for Nevada’s 4th District. As a seasoned financial manager, Bruce is aware that mismanaged money has lost educational opportunities and critical infrastructure services that Nevada’s 4th District needs and deserves.

Leveling the Playing Field: Obscure Tax Laws Give Too Many an Unfair Advantage

Obscure and complicated tax laws often burden all Nevadans with increasing taxes each year. As your Congressional Representative for Nevada’s 4th District, Bruce Frazey will stand for or introduce legislation that levels the playing field for middle-class Americans.


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